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An Artist style, Developed

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

As the weeks turn into months, and the months turns into years, an artist must advance his developing style or he becomes stagnant as still water. Still water becomes a cesspool of inactivity, which becomes a breading ground for anything negative. (not desirable or optimistic in attitude)

My personal advancements in art is developed as I study my own abilities to see beyond what I have achieved so far. Not becoming content with a plateau that feels "Safe, Secure". The very word; Artist, being called an Artist inspires me to develop and do more to honor that title.

What does it take to be "An Artist" ? In a word: Attitude! Since there are billions of different types of that kind of person, let's break it down to a simple formula; As I've lived this life for 50 years I've found there are three stages to becoming an Artist. The first stage is the amateur. Someone just having fun. But in his/her heart is the desire to be more, do more with a talent God gave you. The next stage is the "Art Fair Artist". Those that have spent a sizable amount of money and needs to regain those funds. They have advanced in ability and with a look of a Professional....BUT, not quite there. The next stage is the group called "MASTERS"!

Within this top level are several stages as well. But overall, they are making their living from their art creations. They are the envy of other artist. Their price scale alone gives them the epitome of being the best. So to move from one level to the next takes the proper Attitude. Never give up! Bounce back from tough times, and realize "This too shall pass". And most important; believe in yourself!

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