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I've just ordered a 30' roll of raw, unprimed, linen canvas. Anyone needing a beautiful large painting - 10 feet or over in length (anything ten ft or longer is considered a mural) - then please contact me so we can work together on your special idea. I charge $100 per-square ft. and create many smaller drawings to show the progress and a rough draft of what the mural will look like when finished. 

I work in the mediums; oil and acrylic paint with any subject matter you have in mind!


Here's one mural I painted for a Welcome Center. This one took three months of work including: sketches, color harmony, consideration of style that would reflect the vision you have in mind.


Contact me if you have questions or would like to order a commission.

Murals are a captivating creation of impressions developed by the artist. It’s an intimate connection between the artist thoughts, feelings and creative ability of the subject and the desires of the client. Often murals can be a complex theme that needs to be simplified so the viewer can understand and be affected by it quickly, and then the viewer is captured and discovers he needs to stand there and study what is going on in this huge painting.


Drama in the mural gives life and a reason to be there. Drama often tells the story that captures the viewer. It’s left to the artist to design with color, light and dark, and all the components necessary to develop the masses into painting techniques he has learned from art school and experience.


The first mural I ever designed and painted was on a basement wall, in a private home. I was 46 years old, with the excitement of creating a huge work of art. The theme was a combination of wildlife and the old west painted with Conte Crayon earth tones. I first applied gesso to the wall and then drew out the scene using the Conte Crayon. The whole process took two or three weeks and a lot of Conte Crayon. I finished the mural by designing a boarder around the whole wall. I threw that in for free.


Since those days I now paint the murals on the best Belgian linen. In art school I was taught how to size and prime the raw linen canvas. This offers the best possible life for my mural artwork. The following murals are not in order by the date of their production.


My mural experience

“Phoenix at Dusk” 2016

“The Louvre, Paris” 2014

“Kansas Flint Hills” 2010

“Christ’s Healing Touch” 2009

Hampton Inn & Suites, Herndon, VA 2007

Hampton Inn & Suites, Raleigh, NC 2007

Hampton Inn & Suites, Baltimore, MD 2005

Holiday Inn & Suites, Beaver Falls, PA 2004

Mariott Hotel, Middletown, NY 2003

Holiday Inn & Suites, Holidome of Frederick, MD 1998

Mariott Hotel, West Des Moines, IA 1997

Holiday Inn & Suites, Charlotte, NC 1997

State of Iowa Sesquicentennial Mural, Fort Madison, IA 1996

Iowa Welcome Center, Burlington, IA 1988

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